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725 Avenue G Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
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Harvey, the stage play by Mary Chase, is a story of a perfect gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd and his best friend Harvey-a pooka which is a six and a half-foot tall, invisible white rabbit. When Elwood begins introducing Harvey around town, his embarrassed sister, Veta Louise, and her daughter, Myrtle Mae, determine to commit Elwood to a sanitarium. A mistake is made however and Veta is committed rather than Elwood! Comedy ensues when the mistake is realized and a frantic search begins for Elwood and the invisible pooka. Will Vera ever understand that she can her brother and his invisible best friend just as they are?


Harvey Poster

Anyone desiring more information may call Old Fort Players at 372-9559.


Elwood: Jim French
Veta: Karen Schumaker
Myrtle Mae: Diana Wilson
Dr. Chumley: Jim Posz
Betty Chumley & Mrs. Chauvenet: Dorothy Schulte
Judge Omar Gaffney: Mark Philp
Wilson: Robbie Phillips
Nurse Kelly: Lea Phillips
Dr. Sanderson: Jonathon Robbins
Cab Driver & Set Construction: Ty Clute
Director: Shelley Dowling
Co-Director: Angela Sanford
Junior Director: Xandra Abel
Sound & Lights: John Jannusch

Co-Sponsor: Scotts Miracle Grow




Any one desiring more information can contact the theater at 372-9559 or We are also on Facebook under Old Fort Players.

A Big Thank You to the Great Rivers United Way link for their generous support.


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